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Meet Our Newest Employees, Larissa & Joanne

As many of you know, our longest serving Genesis employee, Neda Stimson, retired at the beginning of the year. In addition to missing a long-time Genesis friend, her absence has been deeply felt because we had lacked sufficient part-time staff to care for our facility in the manner that both our congregations expect. Mike Wolf immediately set out searching for others who could fill her shoes and become valued members of our Genesis family. He succeeded. We are pleased to announce that we now have two new part-time employees who will provide the coverage to keep our facility operating smoothly throughout the week. Here they are!

Larissa Modesto de Souza
Larissa Modesto de Souza

“Football supporters” (or as we call them stateside, “soccer fans”) and all of us who love Ted Lasso will be interested in Larissa’s passion for football and appreciate what a huge deal it is in Brazil, where she grew up in Hortolandia, São Paulo.

Larissa came to the US in 2019 to study at Lindsey Wilson College in Columbia, Kentucky on a soccer scholarship. Since joining the Association Football Club Ann Arbor (AFC Ann Arbor) women’s team this past summer as a midfielder, she’s been a force to contend with here too.

No doubt Larissa is far and away the most athletic member of our Genesis staff and possibly even of our Genesis community. She told us she is very glad to be a member of our amazing Genesis staff. So, if you see her, introduce yourself. She’s charming and a pleasure to talk to. If you get into talking about football though, better take a seat.

Joanne Kim
Joanne Kim

Joanne came from South Korea with her family when she was 16. She’s her parents’ seventh daughter and has been in the United States for 37 years. She majored in business administration at Missouri State University.

She is currently employed at the University of Michigan as a full-time, regular employee. She has two children: a son in college and a daughter in high school. Her hobbies include drawing and watching movies. She may seem extremely serious when working but admits to a silly side too when talking to friends and family. She is looking forward to working with Mike, the Genesis staff, and getting to know the folks in our congregations.

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