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Tree of Life mural

Board of Directors

The Genesis Board of Directors, made up of congregants and clergy, is responsible for the management and maintenance of the building and grounds, on behalf of the two member congregations, Temple Beth Emeth and St. Clare's of Assisi Episcopal Church. The Board is supported by the Genesis staff.



Supervises the maintenance, operation and improvements of all Genesis structures and plans for funding of long-range building systems repair and replacement.

Genesis committees do all the heavy lifting, figuring out what to do and how to get them done, before returning to the Board for approval.

yellow fall leaves with setting sun and Genesis building in the background
sanctuary eternal light


Genesis is grateful to our staff who handle all day‑to‑day events scheduled in our facility and who are responsible for maintaining and cleaning the building and grounds. With guidance from the Board, the full‑time Facility Coordinator and the Building Attendant coordinate with part‑time staff to keep our building in good order and to support our renters.

Partners & Credits

Ann Arbor Children's House

Offers children a Montessori environment where they can grow to their own unique potential, setting the foundation for lifelong learning. Following the pedagogical model of Dr. Maria Montessori, children have the opportunity to develop in a joyful, dynamic and natural way.

Genesis thrives with the support and partnership of people and organizations in our community.

Genesis building with red fall leaves in the foreground
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