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Tri-Board Meets to Plan for Our Building's Imminent Needs

Last Sunday, in conjunction with the Genesis Annual meeting, the Genesis Board met with the TBE Board and the STC Vestry to discuss our aging facility and how to keep it repaired. Since our building needs significant work in the near term, we sure had a lot to talk about!

We discussed our capital needs and the processes for prioritizing them, strategies to raise funds to meet those needs, and increasing organizational efficiency and capacity to execute on all this major work. We also resolved to check-in with each other in person more often than we have been in recent years. We’ve put all these wheels in motion.

Of course it was just a pleasure to get together and meet or reconnect with our counterparts in our partner congregations.

This was the best attended and certainly the longest (clocking in at 3 hours) and most consequential Tri-Board meeting we’ve held within the last 5 years at least. The 2021-2023 meetings were each hour-long discussions which didn’t produce concrete action items. So in 2024 we accomplished a ton!

We are enthusiastic to work together, with your help as part of our Genesis family, to meet our urgent needs as our congregations each continue to grow.

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