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Planning for the Future of our Aging Building

How many congregations in the world have the luxury of focusing on services and programming, while entrusting the maintenance of their place of worship to a separate entity? You belong to one of the few.


Under the leadership of a volunteer Board, Genesis works hard to take the burden off our clergy and staff while keeping our building running and making all manner of improvements on a truly shoestring budget. This year we’ve worked harder than ever and we’d like to share, in our 20232024 Annual Report, what we’ve accomplished and the challenges we will face together in the years to come.


Our beloved building is aging. Many of the major building systems that we count on to keep our building operational will soon reach the end of their expected lifespans. For example, the roof top unit (RTU) that heats and cools our sanctuary is likely to fail within 2 years. The need to increase personnel and maintenance costs in order to keep our facility operating presents another challenge to both our congregations. Each congregation must provide funds to run their respective religious programs while still providing Genesis with the necessary funds to operate and maintain our shared facility. A complicated balancing act, to be sure.

Social Hall skylight

Genesis wants our congregations to be informed and prepared. We cannot hide from the future.  It is time to plan. So, this year your Genesis Board took an in-depth look at what the costs could be for replacing aging building systems over the next 25 years. How will we raise the funds to maintain and operate our facility so both our congregations can continue to thrive and flourish? The answers are in your hands and  in the hands of all the members of our congregations.


Please read our Annual Report and our Reserve Investment Plan to better understand the challenges that lie ahead.

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