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Temple Beth Emeth

Board of Directors

Old Hebrew Prayer Book
Reading Torah

Top-From Left to Right-Ned Kirsch (Temple Beth Emeth Liaison and Member at Large); Rabbi Josh Whinston (Temple Beth Emeth); Joe Pollak (President); Jack Zaientz (VP of Religious Practice); Dave Ostreicher (Member at Large); Abbie Egherman (VP for Social Action); Barry Levin (Member at Large)

Bottom-From Left to Right-Rachel Glick (Member at Large); Stephanie Newell (VP for Finance); Debra Schild (Secretary); Regina Hayut (Cantor); Susan Gitterman (Ex-Officio Board Liaison and Past President)

Not pictured-Ketl Freedman-Doan (Ex-Officio President); Greg Lewis (VP for Administration); Margaret Hannon (VP for Fund Development); Steve Lonn (VP for Education and Youth);
Candace Bulkley (VP for Membership); Larry Yonovitz (Treasurer); George Brieloff (Member at Large); Harriet Charson (Member at Large); Lauren Gold (Member at Large); Amy Meltzer (Member at Large); Beth Pearson (Member at Large); Melissa Simon (Member at Large); Trina Fuller (Women of TBE President); Bill Parkus (Brotherhood President and Past President).

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