Genesis Grounds Committee

Committee members- 

Linda Annesley, Laura Wallace, MaryLu Barth, Charlotte Cowles, and Eric Slosberg

Yo Gardeners,

What a great cleanup day we had! It felt more like a party than work.  Everyone was in such a great mood and we got so much done.


What started out as a grey, dismal day turned bright and clear.  With a blue sky and the temperature rising gradually from cool to warm, it was good to be outside working alongside friends.

Thank you for coming out to spruce up the grounds.


Grounds Cleanup Spring 2021

We raked up 20 bags of leaves🍃,

spread rich compost under trees🌳. 

Dressed with mulch the garden beds, where flowers raise their dainty heads 🌷. 

Tools tidy in the shed🔨,

while bugs 🐝and birds flew overhead🕊. 

Though much the time we flit like flotsom 🌪 , together here we made it blossom🌸.



The afternoon felt almost post-pandemic, and surely the summer will bring even better times. 


Thanks again to all who participated.  To our long-standing volunteers, whether you made it to this event or not, we so appreciate you.  We also welcome and send warm virtual hugs to those who came for the first time or after a hiatus. 

Take care and see you again soon.

Your Partners in Grime


Thanks to the Spring 2021 Grounds Cleanup Crew: Phil Barr, Mary Lu Barth, Christine Cook, Charlotte Cowles, Karis Crawford, Kate Morris Curtin, Ivy Fuller, Joanne Heaton, Clare Heidema, Knut Hill, Bekan Hill, Isaac Ellis, Ralph Katz, Calvin Kaufmann, Linda Klimach, Jonathan Levine, John Little, Christine Modey, Violet Neau, Bill Parkus, Jack Petersen, Easter Rosenthal, Murray Rosenthal, Paul Schwankl, Karen  Slagell, Laura Wallace, Sarah Weiss, Jennifer Wolf, Mike Wolf


Please send us pictures if you have them

Masked and tired at the end of a beautif
John resting on the raised bed he helped
Christine, Sarah & Linda planting down i